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Robotics & Animatronics

Machined Parts for Robotics and Animatronics

What We Offer

ZYCI counts the leading robotics and animatronics developers as repeat customers.  We can reliably deliver quality parts that meet the increasingly strict quality standards as well as the compressed prototyping and production schedules demanded by the robotics industry.

Whereas most job shops typically quote lead times of 6–12 weeks to produce machined robotic and animatronic parts in any quantity, ZYCI’s engineering team, production operation, and quality management system are organized to deliver unprecedented speed without sacrificing quality.  Our lead time is typically 2 to 3 weeks!

Most of our robotic CNC machining projects are machined from aircraft grade aluminums, titanium and stainless steels. However, we have experience machining many exotic materials and high alloys.

Many of our clients need more than just machined parts, which is why we also offer 3D printing and plastic injection molding services that meet equally stringent quality standards and compressed turnaround times, making a full suite of rapid manufacturing technologies that provide advantages for prototyping and production available to our customers.

To experience the rapid response and radical quality that drives our aerospace CNC machining and low-volume manufacturing solutions, upload a 3-D model file and request a quote today.

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