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Plastic Molding

We are ITAR certified and can provide ITAR molding of parts subject to ITAR restrictions.

Plastic Molding

What We Offer

ZYCI possesses deep expertise in injection molding.  Our injection molding customers tend to be in higher value industries such as medical, aerospace, defense, and robotics.  We are ITAR certified and can provide ITAR molding of parts subject to ITAR restrictions.

Our capabilities range from cast urethane for up to 25 parts, to aluminum tools for a couple thousand parts, to hardened steel tools for plastic injection molding at high volume. We have experience molding ABS, PC/ABS, PC, PEEK, ULTEM, and Glass-filled Nylon.  Additionally, we can apply textures and match your color specifications.

To provide an accurate quote we ask that you provide a 3-D CAD model and a 2-D drawing that details tolerances, material, color, texture, inserts and any other details that would not be included in the 3-D model.

Once we receive your request for quote and engineering data, our process for injection molding is as follows:

  1. We provide a quote typically within 48 hours
  2. We receive your purchase order and we prepare a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) report for your approval. In that report will make suggestions (if any) to improve the part.  We will also detail our strategy for the design of your mold including, gating, ejector pin placement, mold flow analysis, and project milestones.  The report is typically ready 1 week after purchase order receipt.
  3. Once you approve your DFM report.  We begin building your mold and depending on part complexity take will take 3 to 8 weeks.
  4. When your mold is complete we will send you the first test parts (T1 parts) for your feedback.  In your quote and project plan, we will allow for 3 iterations (T1, T2 and T3) so we can incorporate your feedback and fine adjustments.  We will not apply a texture to the mold until you approve the part geometry.
  5. We produce the quantity of parts you ordered and ship them to you with inspection reports and material certifications.