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Aerospace, Defense, and Military Contracting

Aerospace and Defense


ZYCI is an approved defense contractor that has significant experience with supporting the military of the United States of America.  In March of 2018, ZYCI won a 5-year IDIQ contract valued at $20,000,000 and another in November 2018 for $11,500,000 to supply NAVAIR – Advanced Weapons Division with CNC machining, additive manufacturing, and sourcing.  In addition to supplying NAVAIR, ZYCI also supplies the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and Navy / Marines Fleet Readiness Center East (FRC East) with tooling, kits, and fixtures in support of various weapon systems including the V-22 Osprey.

Click here to view a list of projects ZYCI has completed for the United States Department of Defense.

This NAVAIR public video is entertaining and provides good examples of how the components we produce are used to support the work of the United States Department of Defense. ZYCI combines it’s in-house manufacturing capability, sourcing and project management expertise with an extended supply chain to provide solutions to meet the challenging requirements and timelines required by the U.S. Department of Defense.

ZYCI’s CAGE code is 70U02.  We are SAM registered, ITAR certified, AS91000:D and hold a current DD2345 for access to military critical data.

What We Offer

ZYCI has machined hundreds of part numbers for various branches on the Department of Defense (DoD) ranging from very simple geometries to very complex geometries requiring 5-axis CNC machining and tolerances as tight as +/- .0001″.  The materials we have machined for the DoD include 6061 Aluminum, 7075 Aluminum, a wide range of steels and high nickel alloys.

Most of the parts require some type of surface treatment, painting, heat treating, screen printing or laser marking. ZYCI is AS9100:D, ISO 9001, ITAR certified and is approved for access to Military Critical Data access via an approved DD2345.

We provide First Article Inspection (FAI) reports in accordance with AS9102 and Certificates of Conformance as well as certifications for material, standard hardware, and all finishing processes.

Additive Manufacturing

ZYCI has experience providing metal and polymer parts to the DoD made by additive manufacturing (3D Printing). The parts are produced using proven technologies including Direct Metal Laser Sintering on EOS and Renishaw machines, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) on Stratasys machines and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) on EOS machines.  The parts range from 3D printed jig and fixtures to functional end-use parts that are integrated into a weapon system.

All the metal parts we have produced by additive manufacturing for the DoD have required post machining on critical features.  The features include machining faces to assure they are flat and parallel, threading holes, machining a diameter to a precise dimension with the required surface finish or adding AS ports with porting tools. We have expertise in the nuances of post machining additive manufactured parts.

Tooling Kits

ZYCI has provided numerous tooling kits in support of the V22 Osprey and other applications.  We procure the specified case, produce the foam inserts, manufacture the required placards and manufacture/source all the components required for the kit.  All the components are assembled, tested and documentation produced for the required inspection reports and Certificate of Conformance.

We have produced kits for applications such as laser alignment tools, window sill repair kits, landing gear bushing repair tools, and flight control adjustment tools.

Military Crates

ZYCI has experience providing military shipping crates in accordance with stringent design requirements and compliance with all MIL specs including those relating to the treatment of the wood, stenciling, foam inserts, runners and strapping.

As an example of our work, ZYCI supplied 600 each of the shipping crate depicted on the right to the United States military for the transport of warheads. Crates are provided with all required documentation including certificates of conformance (CoC).

Plastic Molding, Injection and Cast Urethane

ZYCI has produced plastic parts for DoD applications by injection molding for larger quantities and cast urethane for smaller quantities. We have significant experience in mold design, mold flow analysis and the shrinkage / physical properties of various thermoplastics ranging from common materials such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Polycarbonate (PC) to Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylons and Polyetherimides such as Ultem.

Sourcing and Project Management

ZYCI has deep expertise in sourcing, supply chain management, and project management.  We have managed complex projects involving numerous vendors of complex components that must be delivered on time and right the first time.  Our proprietary processes ensure the supply chain has redundancy in the event of a supplier failure or catastrophic event and stays in sync so challenges are surfaced quickly.

We have managed the sourcing of components such as thermal batteries, cable assemblies, circuit boards, energetics, detonators and production of missile nose cones.

For projects that require detail reporting, ZYCI has the processes and expertise to provide near real-time reports of progress vs. the approved project plan.

Past Work