Using The Stock Material Size Saves Money

Many drawings we see at ZYCI have dimensions that are the same as stock material sizes.

The raw stock typically runs up to +.015″ thick and depending on how it was handled it may or may not have scr

atches.  As such, when we price your parts we plan or ordering material that is larger and machining all 6 sides to make sure there is a nice surface finish on the sides and that the dimension is held closely.  That extra machining costs money.  But is it really needed?  Only you know if it is worth the extra expense on your parts.

Above is an Example of How to Indicate on a Drawing that the Stock Dimension is Acceptable 

If you decide to take advantage of stock material sizes and want to be sure you are specifying a standard size, visit Online Metals and look through the sizes and grades of aluminum and steel they offer.

By the way, if the stock material does have scratches and we do not machine the face, we will typically use Scotch Brite to make the surface look nice.

Below are photos of material showing how the material looks when we receive it.

6061 Aluminum

6061 Aluminum Stock Finish

Hot Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel Stock Finish

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold Rolled Steel Stock Finish



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