Using The Stock Material Size Saves Money

Many drawings we see at ZYCI have dimensions that are the same as stock material sizes.

The raw stock typically runs up to +.015″ thick and depending on how it was handled it may or may not have scr

atches.  As such, when we price your parts we plan or ordering material that is larger and machining all 6 sides to make sure there is a nice surface finish on the sides and that … Read More


ZYCI, a leading CNC machining and 3D printing company, has been certified to the AS9100 Rev. D quality management standard at their Atlanta, Georgia facility. This certification to the international aerospace quality standard signifies ZYCI’s ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding increasingly stringent industry requirements for aerospace related products for both the civil and military markets.

The AS9100 certification strengthens ZYCI’s competitive position in the CNC machining market and standardizes quality processes across the … Read More